Christmas events with Friends - Too cute!!! :) 

23rd December 10:37 PM

My Garuda Fight - We died I think.. three times but It wasn’t as hard as Titan for sure!! I really enjoyed the battle actually. The Cutscenes from this part of the story were incredible as well. Definitely impressed! It’s turned out to be REALLY interesting actually and I’m looking forward to what may come!

23rd December 10:31 PM

Some official Christmas Pictures!! :) 

23rd December 10:21 PM

Just have Potato Shakes Christmas Photos - The fun ones. 

Official ones up later! :)

23rd December 6:57 PM

It was a dungeon day. 

I did three dungeons - leveled to ALMOST 45.. 

And started the Christmas Event tonight. 

I’m beat!

22nd December 1:09 AM

Today was kind of just a random day.

I did a lot of main mission stuff - got to see some cool new places and monsters. I am level 43 now and I finished Page 4 of my Hunting log for THM.

I was going to do my Roulette Dungeon run but.. its midnight - and I have work in the morning. Oh the hard parts of being an adult! ;; 

20th December 11:11 PM

I did my first Roulette Duty tonight - Wasn’t too bad actually. Died twice due to my grandmother coming in but it was still fun!

Oh, I beat the Heretics Duty with no trouble thanks to a tip from Bart - Super helpful! Even though I had someone waiting to raise me (Thanks Kat!)

Afterwards we did The Stone Vigil after I unlocked it. It’s a super nice dungeon actually and Dragons were everywhere!! It was fun, but lag got in the way a few times.

I leveled up too.. and yeah, just advancing! Having fun - Loving that I get to play during my Break. 

20th December 12:19 AM

Did TWO dungeons Today - Cutter and Qarn

I also got two new ADORABLE Minions - oh dear lord. But I really want the Minion of Light. Need to look that up!


18th December 11:11 PM

Missions, missions, and more missions!! :) 

17th December 11:02 PM

A successful night of questing. I’m now stuck on an Instance but I’ll wait until tomorrow to get Kat to come help me.. :/ I died and I dont want to have to pay the money to continue to make it out here!

14th December 12:00 AM

Yesterday was a fun day.

Finally Beat Titan - ALIVE.

Unlocked BLM. :)

Did a lot of hunting logs..

And yeah Leveled up in Immortal Flames! :) 

7th December 6:38 PM

Bart and I had fun yesterday.

We beat Titan for the first time - I died a lot. :)

Did lots of fates trying to level my THM up..

And yeah, just good quality time together.

OH, and I saw Roc. :3 

6th December 12:12 AM

I was busy tonight!

Got Archer to 15 (Thanks to Bart who got three levels for me last night!)

I finished my level 35 THM Quest.

I opened the quest to start BLM!

I did Ifrit with Loki & Friends tonight.

I worked on LOTS of Hunting Pages..

And to top it all off, I finished a final for one of my graduate classes! OH and worked 7 hours. Successful day or what. :3 

5th December 11:58 PM





4th December 12:16 AM

Absolutely gorgeous pictures - thanks to Bartimaeus.

4th December 12:14 AM


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